• L√∂semittelanlage R0

    R0 - quality cleaning in miniature

  • ROBOMAT - large components, robust and powerful

ROTIMAT 3/3U - for parts of various kinds


System for efficient spray cleaning of parts with aqueous cleaning media
The ROTIMAT 3 as 1-bath system and ROTIMAT 3U as 2-bath system are batch systems for spray cleaning of parts with aqueous cleaning media. Various components are effectively hosed with high-performance pumps and special nozzle systems. The components can be moved by different programmes (e.g. rotated or pivoted). The drying of the parts is of optional done by hot air drying.


Simple but robust and reliable technology, making these systems extremely efficient for a wide variety of applications.



  • Effective nozzle systems
  • Separate pump cycles for washing and rinsing
  • Large spraying volume
  • Control via user-friendly PLC
  • Different bath care systems (e.g. de-oiling) integrable
  • Full-flow Filtration

Suppliers, cutting / non-cutting manufacturing


Mass- or single items - average cleanliness requirement

Box size/Output:

max. 660 x 480 x 300 mm, max. 150 kg and up to 15 batches / h

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