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Aqueous systems


Depending on the type and the degree of contamination as well as the required cleanliness after cleaning, workpieces are cleaned in acid, neutral or alkaline range. Depending on the type of component and specific pollution purely atmospheric cleaning processes are used and sometimes individual process steps are operated in a vacuum to support the cleaning- or drying performance.
The scope for installations with aqueous cleaners is mainly the cleaning of polar contaminants, such as salts (in emulsions or fingerprints) or many types of solids, dusts, etc. Aqueous processes are used in the intermediate cleaning of components between manufacturing steps, in the final cleaning of parts before assembly, surface treatment or storage of the parts but also cleaning with high cleanliness specification (fine purification).
The concentration of the selected cleaning product is determined together with any other process parameters.
With focus on the required cleanliness PERO provides cleaning systems for aqueous media for intermediate or final cleaning which are generally operated in an atmospheric surrounding:

  • turntable equipment as spray cleaning systems (mainly items in small quantities)
  • equipment with rotating in a horizontal bogie for spray cleaning-gung (basket, rack, item)
  • chamber systems for multi-level immersion cleaning (chairs, enframing, item)
  • spraying systems for large components
  • continuous or tunnel systems, also called belt systems (also for the spray cleaning / items in serial production)

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