• L√∂semittelanlage R0

    R0 - quality cleaning in miniature

  • ROBOMAT - large components, robust and powerful

R5 - cleaning EURO-pallet cages at the highest level


System for efficient cleaning of components with all common solvents


The R5 is the largest built in PERO standard system.


Due to the batch size, the R5 is often used in the production of sheet metal parts for large quantities or bulky workpieces.
The permanent monitoring of all safety-relevant process parameters enables an absolutely safe operation of the system and compliance with international safety and emission standards.


Suppliers, hardening shops

Suitability:   Sheet metal parts, other large volume parts - high throughput, good degreasing
Box size/-output:

max. 1250 x 850 x 970 mm, max. 1000 kg and up to 3-4 batches / h

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