• Lösemittelanlage R0

    R0 - quality cleaning in miniature

  • ROBOMAT - large components, robust and powerful

R2 - maximum flexibility for charging and litigation at max. throughput


System for efficient cleaning of components with all common solvents


Various working chamber sizes make the R2 the most flexible cleaning system in its class.
Thr R2 degreases, cleans and conserves parts particularly energy effi-cient, economically and quickly. The volume in the product carrier and the cycle time of the cleaning charge decide on the performance of the cleaning system.
The R2 reaches peak values with a new design and an advanced process technology.





Suppliers, cutting / non-cutting manufacturing

Suitability:   Bulk materials, laws goods - high cleanliness requirement
Box size/-output:

max. 2x 660 x 480 x 300 mm, max. 200 kg and up to 12 batches / h



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