• Lösemittelanlage R0

    R0 - quality cleaning in miniature

  • ROBOMAT - large components, robust and powerful

R1 - the fastest in its class


System for efficient cleaning of components with all common solvents


The cleaning systems of the R1series convince by high efficiency. The comparatively very short cycle times are unparalleled and enable - in redundant secured litigation - nevertheless a permanently high solvent quality for achieving very high cleanliness requirements reproducible on a constant base. Thus, also the highest demands on technical cleanliness can be met.

The full range of span lifting and chipless metalworking can be cleaned just as perfectly in the system of this series, as well as parts made of plastic, ceramic or glass.




Suppliers, cutting / non-cutting manufacturing

Suitability:   Bulk materials, laws goods - average cleanliness requirement
Box size/-output:

max. 530 x 365 x 250 mm, max. 80 kg and up to 20 batches / h



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