Cleaning processes for modern solvent


All system types of the series S1 and R0-R5 can be used with all modern, commercially available solvents (halogenated and non-halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols). PERO cleaning systems allow you to subsequently switch with little effort on a different solvent.



Vapor degreasing - usually the final cleaning step


Good degreasing of blades; with low oil entry also good degreasing is given


Good detox performance and good cleaning of blades and particles


Good removal of blades; with low oil entry also good de-greasing is given; prevention of corrosion after cleaning


Good degreasing and good cleaning of blades and particles; prevention of corrosion after cleaning

Another possible process step:



First vapor degreasing as the first cleaning step can hold the oil content in the cleaning bath reliably at very low level and ensure its degreasing power (solvent systems). This process can be used to continuously ensure optimum degreasing performance at high oil entry in the cleaning bath.

Mechanical support of the cleaning process for all media



Ultrasonic - for detaching strongly adhering particles or pigments


Surge flooding - for cleaning of strongly adhering dirt


Spraying at TWT or solvent systems - as a mechanical support for cleaning dirt adhering

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