The cause for our existence


Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with high satisfaction of our clients.
As a medium-sized company we put this on four strategic key points: technological leadership, efficiency, network and sustainability



  • PERO develops sophisticated, technical solutions for industrial parts cleaning, which helps our clients to produce high-quality products and secure their success in the long-term.
  • With the "here and now" we are not satisfied and are always keen to improve and develop our technologies continuously.
  • Together we are strong on our way of new ideas for new innovations.


  • The development and production of our components is carried out exclusively in Germany. So we are able to bundle the expertise internally, constantly develop and improve our efficiency.
  • In order to survive in the market for industrial parts cleaning in the long-term, we are continuously working on our efficiency regarding the per-formance of our systems, the reproducibility of the cleaning results but also our punctuality.


  • A strong network is the basis of a successful enterprise.
  • For a steady growth and successful development PERO focuses on the benefits of a strong network.
  • To operate successfully in the field of strategy, innovation, market development and orientation in service or sales, there will be a regular exchange with the branches, our representatives, our customers and also our suppliers.


Sustainability means to us at PERO that we take into account ecological, social and economic aspects to the same extent and thus leave future generations an intact structure.xx


  • Ecologically - As a manufacturer of cleaning equipment, we strive for a considerate and foresighted handling of natural resources.
  • Social - As part of our company is important to us to appreciate very keen social and cultural systems and consciously organize.
  • Economically - As an employer we are anxious, because thus to secure long-term suc-cess of our company and the work of our employees.



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