Perfect solutions are our motivation


"The ultimate goal of PERO is to offer our customers the optimal cleaning process for the solution of their cleaning tasks to achieve a high customer satisfaction."

At the continued compliance with this objective, our highly motivated team of employees working in the various areas of the company:

  • Development and construction of highly efficient process and plant engineering
  • First-class advice and execution of cleaning tests by experienced consultants and specialists
  • Efficient and highly rationalized production of precursors and equipment
  • Safety of installations Quality by simulating the production process (cleaning) and common acceptance with the customer

In the tradition of the company founder Peter Erbel PERO will continue to continuously develop cleaning processes, reduce consumption and emissions, thus protecting people and the environment are constantly improving in the cleaning of components.

As a Family company the PERO AG is pursuing the long-term success and the reliable partnership with customers. Build on PERO - in solving your current cleaning task and to ensure long-term satisfaction with your cleaning system.


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