• L√∂semittelanlage R0

    R0 - quality cleaning in miniature

  • ROBOMAT - large components, robust and powerful

The reason for our success


In more than 60 years of PERO, our values have clearly emerged. They link the departments of our company, are fundamental to everything we do and the foundation of our success.



At PERO we try to communicate openly and honestly with each other.
In conversations we respect our interlocutors and let him / her speak.
Difficult situations we try to treat common and effective.


People are our capital and only as a team with passion we can achieve our goals.
The tasks assigned to us, we do conscientiously and well.


With years of experience, it is possible for us to support our clients well in all aspects of industrial parts cleaning.
We are open for new challenges as well as we are happy to accept new responsibilities.


We are strengthened in our morals and in making statements and we stand for what we do.
The company gives its employees a path and is always preceded.



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